Fabrication et vente de scie à polystyrène, scie à fil chaud, appareils de découpe pour mousse rigide, polystyrène et polyuréthane.

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Responsible contact for the privacy policy:

Schiwa Styroporschneider e.K.
Kai Lorenz
Schützenstraße 2a
95145 Oberkotzau
Telefon: +49 (0) 9286 9647963
E-Mail: mail@schiwa-online.de

Collection of genera data

When you visit our website, we are collecting general information automatically. This information (server-logfiles) contain things like browser type, operating system, domain name of your Internet Service Provider, and similar. This is information that cannot be tied back to your person and does not include personal identifiable information. This information is necessary to correctly display the contents of the webpage you visit and are necessary to use the Internet. Anonymous information like this will be used to optimize our website and the underlying technology.

Cookies (Shop only)

Like many other websites, we are using “Cookies”. Cookies are small text files that are transferred from a webs server to your hard drive. Through this, we are automatically obtaining data like IP address, browser, operating system, and your Internet connection.

Cookies cannot be used to start programs or transfer viruses onto your computer. Because of the information in the Cookies, we can make your navigation easier and display the correct web pages.

In no case will we transfer or sell your collected data to a third party or connect it with personal identifiable information.

Of course, you can also view our website without Cookies. Internet browsers are set to accept Cookies. You can change this setting in your browser at any time to not accept cookies. Please use the help function in your browser to learn how you can change this setting. Please note that certain functions of our website may not function properly when you deactivate cookies.

Registration on our website (Shop)

When registering on our website for the use of personalized services, we collect personal identifiable information like Name, Address, Contact and Communication data including phone number and email address. When you register you can access information and content that is only available to registered users. Registered users also have the possibility to change or erase the data they provided when they registered. Of course we are available to provide more information about the personal identifiable information we have on record. We can correct or erase any data per your request as long as it is not legally required to keep the data for record keeping. To contact us for this, please see our contact information at the end of this privacy policy.

Purchases and orders

To fulfill your orders and purchases we collect additional data like payment details.


To ensure the security of your data during collection and transfer, we are using the latest up-to-date technology to encrypt your data (SSL) via HTTPS.

Contact Form

Should you contact us via email or contact form, we will store the provided data for the purpose of processing.

Delete or Blocking of Data

We conform to the data avoidance and data minimization laws. Therefore, we save your personal identifiable information only until we are able to finish the mentioned activities or as long as it is legally required. After this time, we block or erase any data by following the guidelines as set forth by law.

Google AdWords

Our website uses Google Conversion-Tracking. If you arrived on our website after clicking on an ad from Google, Google Adwords will place a cookie on your computer. The Google Conversion Tracking cookie will be place when a user clicks on an ad on the Google ad network. These cookies expire after 30 days and to not provide personal identifiable information. Should the user visit certain pages on our website and the cookie if not expired can we identify what ads the user clicked on. Every Google AdWords user receives a unique cookie. Cookies cannot be tracked across different website. The information obtained through the Conversion-Cookies is used to create Conversion statistics of Adwords customers who selected conversion tracking. These customers obtain the total users who licked on the ad and were routed to a page that has a conversion-tracking-tag. However, they do not obtain any personal identifiable information.

If you do not want to participate in this tracking, you can set your browser to not accept cookies for our page or in general by blocking cookies for "googleleadservices.com".

Please note that you cannot delete the Opt-out Cookies if you do not with to be tracked. If you delete all Cookies in your browser, you will reset your Opt-out Cookies.

Your rights for information, correction, deletion, and Opposition

At any time you have the right to request information about what information we have saved about you. You also have the right to correct, block, or, apart from the necessary data requirements to transact business, deletion of your personal identifiable information. Please contact us to initiate such activities at the contact information below.

To consider blocking of data at any time, the data has to be maintained for control purposes in a lock file. You can also request the deletion of the data as long as there is no statutory archiving obligation. As far as such an obligation exists, we will lock your data per your request.

You can initiate corrections or revoke consent via an appropriate message for future dates.

Change of our privacy policy

We reserve the right to change or adjust out data policy at any time to comply with all legal requirements, or to realize changes in our services within this policy, for example, should we launch a new service. For your new visit, the new data policy will be valid.

Privacy Policy Questions

Should you have privacy policy questions, please contact us:

Schiwa Styroporschneider e.K.
Kai Lorenz
Schützenstraße 2a
95145 Oberkotzau
Telefon: +49 (0) 9286 9647963
E-Mail: mail@schiwa-online.de

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Schiwa Styroporschneider e.K.
Kai Lorenz
Schützenstraße 2a
95145 Oberkotzau

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